Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Jottings 7

For several years now, I've published an annual personal magazine, Random Jottings. In various issues, I've told the story of my dealings with the Samaritans, published my father's World War II memories, and most recently collected the cognitive biases material that originally appeared in this blog.

The seventh issue of Random Jottings is now available. Articles include "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel," "Why Did the Samaritan Cross the Road?", "Wikipedia Mon Amour," and "A Modest Proposal." All of them originally appeared here, but they've all been substantially rewritten and most of them expanded.

Random Jottings 7 also includes a portfolio of artwork by my good friend and ten-time Hugo nominee Steve Stiles, who also did the cover and back cover.

Because I caught the amateur publishing bug from science fiction fandom, each issue of Random Jottings is published to coincide with Corflu, the annual convention of fanzine publishers. As I write this, I'm just back from Corflu Glitter in Las Vegas. Next year's Corflu will be in Portland, Oregon.

The electronic edition of Random Jottings, both current and back issues, appears courtesy of Bill Burns' website eFanzines.com. There's amazing stuff here, and it's worth a look around. Random Jottings itself can be found here. I have a limited supply of printed copies; contact me if you'd like one.

Please feel free to leave comments here or send me a letter of comment for publication. I hope you enjoy the issue.

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