Monday, September 17, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins — and Where To Find Them

Researchers at Kansas State University decided to create a series of county-by-county maps of the United States showing the relative distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins (Envy, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, and Pride). For each sin, they identified a measurable criterion that could serve as a stand-in, and mapped the results showing the deviation from the norm expressed in terms of the standard deviation (σ). Measures from -1.65σ to + 1.65σ are normal; lower levels shade toward the blue and higher levels toward the red.

It's very easy to critique the criteria used for each sin, or to suggest alternative metrics, but I thought it was quite interesting nonetheless. You can learn more about the project and the researchers here, starting on page 8 of the PDF.


Metric: Total thefts (robbery, burglary, larceny, grand theft auto) per capita.

Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins


Metric: Number of fast food restaurants per capita.


Metric: Average income compared with the number of people living below the poverty line.


Metric: Number of STD cases reported per capita.


Metric: Expenditures on art, entertainment, and recreation compared with employment.


Metric: Number of violent crimes (murder, assault, rape) per capita.


Metric: Aggregate of the other six offenses — because pride, as they say, is the root of all sin.

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