Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Index of Cognitive Biases

Here's an index to all the installments of Cognitive Biases. Click on any "Part" name to go directly to that installment. You can also find the bias you’re interested in by clicking in the tag cloud on the right. To find all posts concerning cognitive biases, click the very big phrase.

Part 1 — Bias blind spot, confirmation bias, déformation professionnelle, denomination effect, moral credential effect.

Part 2 — Base rate fallacy, congruence bias, experimenter’s bias

Part 3 — Ambiguity aversion effect (Ellsberg paradox), choice-supportive bias, distinction bias, contrast effect

Part 4 — Actor-observer bias, anchoring effect, attentional bias, availability cascade, belief bias

Part 5 — Clustering illusion, conjunction fallacy, cryptomnesia

Part 6 — Disposition effect, egocentric bias, endowment effect, extraordinarity bias

Part 7 — False consensus effect, false memory, Forer effect, framing, fundamental attribution error

Part 8 — Gambler’s fallacy, halo effect

Part 9 — Hawthorne effect, herd instinct, hindsight bias, hyperbolic discounting

Part 10 — Illusion of asymmetric insight, illusion of control, illusory superiority, impact bias, information bias, ingroup bias, irrational escalation

Part 11 — Just-world phenomenon, loss aversion, ludic fallacy, mere exposure effect, money illusion

Part 12 — Need for closure, neglect of probability, “not-invented-here” (NIH) syndrome, notational bias

Part 13 — Observer-expectancy effect, omission bias, optimism bias, ostrich effect, outgroup homogeneity bias, overconfidence effect

Part 14 — Pareidolia, planning fallacy, post-purchase rationalization

Part 15 — Projection bias, pseudocertainty effect, publication bias

Part 16 — Reactance, reminiscence bump, restraint bias, rosy retrospection

Part 17 — Selection bias, selective perception, self-fulfilling prophecy

Part 18 — Self-serving bias, Semmelweis reflex, serial position effect

Part 19 — Status quo bias, stereotyping, subadditivity effect

Part 20 — Subjective validation, suggestibility, system justification theory

Part 21 — Telescoping effect, Texas sharpshooter fallacy, trait ascription bias

Part 22 — Ultimate attribution error, valence effect, von Restorff effect, wishful thinking, zero-risk bias

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